Parents wellbeing

Being a parent of a child with mental health difficulties is a tough place to be. Getting the right and timely support for your child is a challenge with services so stretched. Parents report feeling isolated, alone, confused as to how to support their child and also cope with the impact of mental illness on the whole family.

Yesterday we were able to restart our woodland wellbeing sessions for parents. We shared a relaxing morning in the woods, we learned and practiced the 54321 mindful technique, enjoyed a morning of woodcraft and fire and an opportunity to meet up in a relaxed, safe non-judgemental space to talk and just be.
Our sessions are led by Rachel Maynard - an experienced Therapeutic Forest practitioner and Michelle Stone Trainee counsellor. We are grateful to the Sussex Community Foundation for their funding to allow these sessions to occur.

Our next parent support and wellbeing session is in October and more to follow.

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