Alternative Provision

Early intervention for Vulnerable and Disadvantaged children.

There is much research that notes the positive effects of being outdoors on health and wellbeing. Many of us have fond memories of playing outdoors as children. We have witnessed many times the positive impact on children who through forest schools become more confident and resilient. Through free play children grow and develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem because they can test and practise important skills at their own pace in exciting, stimulating and challenging environments. Playing outside is exhilarating and highly motivating.  Children play more collaboratively, are more adventurous and energetic when they are outdoors.

We are currently fund raising to develop our “nurture forest school programmes”, working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people to develop resilience and self esteem .We work with children in small groups over sustained periods of time, this allows them to develop positive relationships and helps develop the skills and gain the support they need to succeed during very challenging times in their lives. Our programmes include
4-7 Little Acorns
8-11 Mighty oaks
11-18 Space to Breathe.