Alternative Provision

Early intervention for Children and Young People

There is much research that notes the positive effects of being outdoors on health and wellbeing. Many of us have fond memories of playing outdoors as children. We have witnessed many times the positive impact on children who through forest schools become more confident and resilient. Through free play children grow and develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem because they can test and practise important skills at their own pace in exciting, stimulating and challenging environments.

We work with children in small groups over sustained periods of time, this allows them to develop positive relationships and  skills they need to succeed.  Our programmes include
Little Acorns for  KS1 5-7 yrs
Mighty oaks KS2  8-11yrs

Family work – We are recruiting for funded Wild Play programme which offers 6 weeks of family forest school sessions for vulnerable families supported by our family worker – please contact us for further information and referrals.

KS3 – individual or group programmes for young people struggling with behaviour, mental health and SEN. As trained providers of the John Muir award  we can also run the John Muir award as part of the provision. For more information

Cost £35 per child for a 2 hour group session  for a minimum of 6 weeks (a group of 6 children is needed to run the programme- please enquire for place availability). Transport can be arranged but may incur an additional cost.

1-2-1 sessions and smaller groups can be arranged. Sessions will either take place at our Fishbourne site or locally in suitable woodland/natural place.

4 children from our school attended Little acorns nurture forest school sessions with Chichester Forest School last year. The children were identified as having social and emotional issues and were all struggling with the day to day demands of school life. The sessions allowed them to develop their confidence and independence. They could explore and try out skills that were unfamiliar to them in a stress free non-judgmental environment. It was wonderful to see how they became more able to cope with situations that had previously been difficult for them and their self-esteem grew. They were able to apply this to their everyday life and for them it meant school became a better and safer place.


Zoe Gordon headteacher Lancastrian school