Chichester Forest Schools CIC has achieved recognition for good forest school practice from the Forest School Association now becoming one of only 46 forest schools in the country to achieve the Recognised Forest School Provider Status.

This has been awarded in recognition for the excellence of our nurture programmes where we have been working with vulnerable, children and young people who struggle in mainstream school. Many of theses children have suffered ACES (adverse childhood experiences) that have impacted on their confidence and self esteem.

“Children identified as having social and emotional issues and were all struggling with the day to day demands of school life. The sessions allowed them to develop their confidence and independence. They could explore and try out skills that were unfamiliar to them in a stress free non-judgmental environment. It was wonderful to see how they became more able to cope with situations that had previously been difficult for them and their self-esteem grew. They were able to apply this to their everyday life and for them it meant school became a better and safer place.”

Zoe Gordon Head teacher.